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#OpenSourceResearch collaboration

#OpenSourceResearch collaboration 

Current status and future perspectives of collaboration in surgical research: A scoping review of the evidence

Surgery 2021 (ahead of print).

This study was part of #OpenSourceResearch project number 4 which aimed to improve collaboration in research. 

Alaa El-Hussuna, Sameh H Emile, Steven D Wexner.

Comment on “Novel approaches to surgical trials and the assessment of new surgical technologies”: The #OpenSourceResearch collaboration to conduct research using online tools and social media.

British Journal of Surgery 2020

Alaa El-Hussuna, Gaetano Gallo

Research as Part of Daily Clinical Life: Challenging But Possible

J Surg Res Prac. 2021;2(2):1-4.

#OpenSourceResearch collaboration 

Patient-reported outcome measures in colorectal surgery: Construction of core measures using open source research method

Surgical Innovation 2021 (ahead of print).

This study was part of #OpenSourceResearch project number 2. 

#OpenSourceResearch collaboration 

Information Technologies to Support Research: Challenges and Action Plan. 

Editorial by Alaa El-Hussuna

EC Gastroenterology and Digestive System 8.4 (2021).

This study was part of #OpenSourceResearch project number 4.

Ali Yalcinkaya, Alaa El-Hussuna.

#OpenSourceResearch: A novel medical research technique/style in terms of accessibility and way of work.

Colorectal dis. 2020

#OpenSourceResearch collaboration 

Biological treatment and the risk of unfavorable postoperative outcome in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: An open source conducted review of the current literature and future perspectives by an expert panel.

Crohn’s & Colitis 360. 2019

This study was part of #OpenSourceResearch project number 1.

Linda Tutty, Alaa El-Hussuna.

The power and potential of using social media to connect patients and health professionals

How social media can be used to empower patients, promote self management, and co-develop a “real world” core set of patient reported outcome measures for those undergoing colorectal surgery

BMJ Opinion, 2021