Projects supported by OSR

Here, you can see projects that #OpenSourceResearch collaboration has supported with mentorship during differnt stages of production from design through analysis to manuscript work out..


NSAID as triggering factor for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: a systematic review 

Investigator Semra Demirli ATICI


Bacteriological profile in abscess drained from patients with Crohn’s disease and those with diverticulitis coli

Investigator Reem Falah


Treatment outcome and factors associated with acute complicated appendicitis at public hospitals in Harari region, Eastern Ethiopia

Investigator Adnan Abdulkadir 


Cox-2 inhibitors as factor for disease exacerbation in patients with inflammtory bowel disease

Investigator Monia Hayzy 

Old man in sorrow

Anxiety and Depression among Colorectal Cancer patients: incidence and effects on post operative outcome

Investigator Asif Mehraj 


Emergency colon surgery in Denmark: au audit based on Danish Colorectal Cancer group data

Investigator Omar AlRoui


Treatment outcome and pattern of penetrating abdominal trauma victims at Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital, Harar Eastern

Investigator Adnan Abdulkadir


Surgical stres response in patients with Crohn’s disease compared to those with Ulcerative Colitis- A pilot study

Investigator  Hayder Al-Qaisi