Our Mission

#OpenSourceResearch collaboration

The health sector generates trillions of gigabytes of data every day; data that originates from health care applications, experiments in medical sciences, clinical trials. This is in addition to already existing data registries.  Given this vast amount of data, the question is why data use is limited and how do we begin to utilise it?

One of the answers is that too few people are capable of mining data for insights or putting the results to good use. We want to connect those people and replicate their expertise in interpretation of data.

Effective data use, reuse, sharing and mining needs expertise and specific type of collaboration. Multi-disciplinary teams composed of experts in healthcare, information technology, data management and administration are crucial. 

The #OpenSourceResearch collaboration aims to create these multidisciplinary teams to both improve the data use/re-use and help with data mining.  It is an important part of our mission to close the gap between the rapidly evolving information technology sector and the slowly moving healthcare sector. Another example is artificial intelligence where much is written on how AI can be implemented in healthcare. However, the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare is limited. AI does not currently solve clinical problems, and this is badly needed.  One reason for this is that such a task requires experts who can combine knowledge of both AI and healthcare. Inspired by open source coding, a group of international researchers created the #OpenSourceResearch collaboration in 2018.  Being an open source project, this enabled researchers to bypass academic bureaucracy and conduct studies using advances in information technology and the ubiquitous social media platform  
Our mission also includes engagement of scientists and medical science students from low – and – middle income countries. Qualified researchers in these countries might have difficulties in conducting well-designed research due to lack/inadequacy of research infrastructure. The #OpenSourceResearch collaboration can, through advances in information technology and social media, provide opportunities for those researchers. Spreading scientific knowledge and encouraging critical scientific approach will help in developing society. Having researchers from low – and – middle income countries as intellectual contributors will enrich the multi-disciplinary teams working on different projects through cognitive diversity.

We are experimenting with information technology and social media to improve medical research.  We would like to create the multi-disciplinary team expertise and offer this expertise when needed, free of charge.

We are keen to collaborate with scientists from different disciplines, although our focus is the healthcare sector.

In open source research collaboration, all are invited and all are welcome. 

Alaa El-Hussuna

Founder and chairperson of #OpenSourceResearch collaboration